"Winterland" pre-release listening party in Atlanta!
August 27, 2011
RUST Magazine will be hosting a very special pre-release listening party for The Jigsaw Seen's new album "Winterland" at Mojo Vinyl in Atlanta on September 15 as part of the "Alive After 5" event. Hear "Winterland" two months before it's officially released and hear it on vinyl! Listening party sponsored by Gemini DJ Equipment.

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August 06, 2011
Enter to win an ultra rare vinyl test pressing of The Jigsaw Seen's upcoming LP "Winterland," mastered by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios, London. Four runner-ups will win "Winterland" t-shirts.


To enter, go to, scroll to bottom of the page and click "enter now." Deadline to enter is Midnight PST on Nov. 23, 2011, drawing will be held on Nov. 25, 2011.


Winners will be notified by Facebook message or by e-mail.

"Winterland" will be released on vinyl, compact disc and download in the UK by Code 7/Plastichead on Nov. 14 and in the US by Vibro-phonic/BDC on Nov. 15.





"What About Christmas?" press quotes!
July 10, 2011
Press quotes for "What About Christmas?", the opening track on The Jigsaw Seen's forthcoming album "Winterland":

“’What About Christmas?’ deserves to be part of the permanent seasonal repertoire.” USA TODAY

“’What About Christmas?’ swells with perfectly plush production tactics and the moaning sound of a Mellotron. The Jigsaw Seen are experts at blending psychedelic textures with massive pop hooks.” TWIST AND SHAKE

“’What About Christmas?’ is what every self-respecting Nuggets fan will be wanting for the holidays, a primitive pounding beat, a tinsel of Mellotron and a guitar solo that would frazzle the turkey.” AMERICANA UK

“A lovely rolling tune with some great guitar work and an annoyingly catchy chorus, possibly the only festive song you will be able to stomach this yuletide. PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE (UK)

“’What About Christmas?’ boasts a dense, urgent melody with more than a hint of psychedelic undertow.” ENTERTAINMENT NEWS



"Winterland" cut for vinyl at Abbey Road!
July 02, 2011
The Jigsaw Seen's "Winterland" LP was recently mastered for vinyl by Steve Rooke at Abbey Road Studios in London.
Among Steve's numerous achievements is remastering The Beatles' catalog for CD and download release in 2009.
Steve has also mastered current releases by Animal Collective, Joanna Newsom and Teenage Fanclub.
"Winterland" will be released on vinyl in the UK by Code 7/Plastichead on November 14 and in the US by Vibro-phonic/BDC on November 15.



Whitey Bulger meets The Jigsaw Seen @ BLURT!
June 25, 2011
Blurt magazine recently posted an article (written by Jud Cost) on The Jigsaw Seen lead singer Dennis Davison's friendship with recently captured Boston mobster Whitey Bulger (number 1 on FBI's most wanted list, subject of Martin Scorsese movie "The Departed"). The person who turned Whitey in (not Dennis) is going to receive a two million dollar reward. "The FBI, meanwhile, has no comment on the band".

To read the article, click here.




"Winterland" mastered today at Abbey Road!
June 20, 2011
The Jigsaw Seen's "Winterland" was mastered for compact disc and digital download today at Abbey Road Studios in London by the distinguished recording engineer Peter Mew (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, David Bowie). Peter has worked on the classic albums "Magical Mystery Tour", "Ummagumma", "S.F. Sorrow" and countless others. In addition to mastering David Bowie's entire catalog, Peter also recently created the first ever stereo mix of Bowie's "The Laughing Gnome"! LP masters will also be cut at Abbey Road later this week.

"Winterland" will be released by Vibro-phonic/BDC on Nov. 15, 2011.





Rhino Records Pop Up store appearance!
June 5, 2011
The Jigsaw Seen's Dennis Davison will perform two songs at Kristian Hoffman's Paisley Pop Calvacade at the Rhino Records Pop Up store on June 9 backed by the house band which will include Jonathan Lea on lead guitar. Other performers include Timur Bekbosunov, Kristi Callan, Ruthann Friedman, Lisa Jenio, Steve Stanley, Abby Travis and the show's host Kristian Hoffman.

For additional information, check out the event's Facebook page here.




Guest appearance by Dave Davies on "Winterland" LP!
June 1, 2011
Rock legend Dave Davies of The Kinks sings harmony vocals on The Jigsaw Seen's version of Gordon Lightfoot's "Circle Of Steel" from the band's upcoming LP "Winterland". Dave's harmony vocals have graced classics such as "You Really Got Me", "Waterloo Sunset", "Sunny Afternoon", "Lola" and countless others.

"Winterland" is the follow-up to The Jigsaw Seen's critically acclaimed, CMJ charting 2010 album "Bananas Foster" and will be released by Code 7 in the UK on Nov. 14 and by BDC in the US on 

Nov. 15.





Jonathan Lea interview with RUST!
May 4, 2011
Guitarist Jonathan Lea discusses the recording of The Jigsaw Seen's upcoming album "Winterland" in an interview with RUST.

To read interview, click here.



"Bananas Foster" Record Release Party!
October 4, 2010
The Jigsaw Seen celebrate the release of "Bananas Foster" with an acoustic performance at Silver Lake's best neighborhood bar on Saturday, October 23. The band will be accompanied by Joe Berardi (Frank Black, Rufus Wainwright, Nels Cline) on keyboards and Probyn Gregory of The Brian Wilson Band on trumpet. Show starts at 7:30 pm and will include a special guest appearance by David Unger Hart and his puppets. Admission is free. Akbar is located at 4356 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029.




"Bananas Foster" pre-order at Amazon!
September 23, 2010
"Bananas Foster" the forthcoming album by The Jigsaw Seen, is now available for pre-order at Amazon.
To pre-order at Amazon, click here.





"Bananas Foster" reviewed at Music Emissions!
September 14, 2010
Mike Wood recently reviewed "Bananas Foster" at Music Emissions, giving it 4 stars and writing "The eleven tunes on 'Bananas Foster' have an epic but intimate feel, full of lush melodies and dream imagery that are often stunning."
To read entire review, click here.




"Bananas Foster" review at Babysue!
August 31, 2010
A review of "Bananas Foster" appears on the pop culture site Babysue with reviewer LMNOP saying "Smart, inventive melodies and impeccable arrangements, great music, great packaging. Highly recommended, an obvious top pick" 5/5.
To read entire review, click here.




First review of "Bananas Foster"!
August 25, 2010
The first review of The Jigsaw Seen's forthcoming album "Bananas Foster" appears in today's edition of The Charleston (WV) Gazette. Michael Lipton writes "In addition to it's eye-catching package, Bananas Foster has 11 tracks that are finely tuned in every way. They're rich with melody and harmony, production flourishes and ear candy."
To read entire review, click here.

"Bananas Foster" will be released on October 19.




"Bananas Foster" preview at Myspace!
August 9, 2010
3 tracks from The Jigsaw Seen's forthcoming album "Bananas Foster" are now available for streaming at the band's Myspace page.




Amazon Top 100!
June 30, 2010
Thanks to everyone that purchased "Songs Mama Used To Sing" and "Zenith" at Amazon recently, causing both albums to enter Amazon's Top 100 Indie Alternative Rock Bestsellers chart yesterday. 
"Bananas Foster" will be released on September 21, pre-sale available at Amazon in a few weeks.



"30 Century Man" EP released today!
May 18, 2010
The Jigsaw Seen's new "30 Century Man" EP includes the version of Scott Walker's classic song featured in the Futurama movie "Bender's Big Score" remastered by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios, London. 


To download "30 Century Man" at iTunes, click here.



"Sleep" review!
May 14, 2010
Beverly Patterson recently wrote the following review for the Princeton Record Exchange website:
Now here’s a great collaboration! Having initially achieved recognition in the eighties as the lead singer of  Wednesday Week, Kristi Callan has continued to pad her resume with a string of shining moments. Aside from carving out a nice solo career for herself, Kristi has also performed and recorded with famed figures such as Dave Davies and The Ventures, and currently fronts Dime Box Band. Active since the late eighties, The Jigsaw Seen is renowned for their bewitching brew of psychedelic pop rock. Discs like “Shortcut Through Clown Alley,” “My Name Is Tom” and “Zenith” are classics of their ilk, and have dutifully awarded the Los Angeles band flocks of fans. Administered by Kristi’s haunting vocals, “Sleep” stands as an electrifying slice of orchestrated pop splendor. Built upon a solid foundation of classy string arrangements and  trebly guitar work, the quirky atmospheric tune, which was composed by Kristi, sparkles with melodic radiance.
Dipping their toes into the Oasis songbook, Kristi and The Jigsaw Seen deliver a drifting, dreamy cover of “Morning Glory,” set in an acoustic format. As evidenced by this musically literate single, Kristi Callan and The Jigsaw Seen make an artistically compatible team.





"Sleep" reviewed at Babysue!
April 19, 2010
Website recently posted the following review of Kristi Callan and The Jigsaw Seen's single "Sleep":
We rarely even spin singles...but we've really enjoyed releases by The Jigsaw Seen in the past so we slammed this one in for a listen. This single features two nice smooth pop tracks. The first, written by Kristi Callan, is a cool modern lullaby with strings in the background.
The second track is a cover of the Oasis tune "Morning Glory." A nice smooth spin...and this one sure whets the appetite for the upcoming Jigsaw Seen full-length Bananas Foster (due out later in 2010)...




"Sleep" reviewed at Mish Mash!
April 5, 2010
Website Mish Mash recently posted the following review of Kristi Callan and The Jigsaw Seen's single "Sleep":
Former Wednesday Week vocalist Kristi Callan has teamed up with our favorite modern-day psych garage band The Jigsaw Seen for a double-edged single release called Sleep. Side one (as it were) is the title track, a self-described "edgy lullaby" that has wall-of-sound guitar lines set against a string section, creating a
dreamy atmosphere for Callan's soothing vocal lines. The perfect little indie rock lullaby. And to help with waking up again, the group does a kinder, gentler version of Oasis' Morning Glory, which turns the big guitar powerhouse original into a purring kitten, complete with a hurdy gurdy droning in the background. Just in case
you need a little time to wake up. 
MISH MASH Mandate: Sleep Perchance To Drone





"Feed The Kitty" available at iTunes!
March 02, 2010
"Feed The Kitty", the solo debut by ex-Wednesday Week singer Kristi Callan, was released today as a digital download at iTunes.
This release features Kristi's version of Arthur Lee and Love's "Andmoreagain" from their classic LP "Forever Changes".
To download "Feed The Kitty" at iTunes, click here.




New single released today at iTunes!
February 09, 2010

"Sleep", the new download single by Kristi Callan (ex-Wednesday Week) and The Jigsaw Seen was released today at iTunes.
From the press release:
Sleep is a spectacular collaboration between Kristi Callan and The Jigsaw Seen, consisting of two new recordings. The title track, written by Kristi, is an edgy lullaby featuring tremolo guitars and a moving string arrangement. Next up is the band’s dazzling melancholy arrangement of the Oasis classic, Morning Glory, distinguished by Ms. Callan’s plaintive vocal floating on a bed of acoustic guitars and droning hurdy gurdy.
This dream release is now available as a download at iTunes.


To download "Sleep" at iTunes, click here.



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