The Jigsaw Seen / “My Name Is Tom” / DL 12018 (compact disc)

track listing: Warehouse The Wicked / Black Aggie / Persephone Again / The Daily Planet / My Name Is

Tom / Murder At The Luau / I'm So Happy Today / Off Track / Eight Lancashire Lads / The Best Is Yet To Come

Deluxe edition of lost classic now features 5 bonus tracks.



The Jigsaw Seen / “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” / DE 12017 (compact disc)

track listing: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (remixed version) / Jesus Of Hollywood (album version) / God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (instrumental version) / Jesus Of Hollywood (single version) / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (original single mix)

The Jigsaw Seen's classic yuletide recording, now expanded, remixed and remastered.


Skooshny / "Zoloto" / DL 12016 (compact disc)
track listing: Even My Eyes / Flawed / Beautiful Bruise / Sad Summer Spring / Holy Land / Private Jokes / No Life Story / Science Changes Everyone / Masking The Moon / The Water Song / I See You Now / Ceiling To The Lies / Angel With A Devil’s Heart / Lullabye / Dessert For Two / It Hides More Than It Tells / I Never Change My Mind / You Paint My World / Crossing Double Lines / Clickin’ My Fingers
The best of Skooshny, a 20 track retrospective featuring 4 new songs.


The Jigsaw Seen / “We Women” / DS 12015 (compact disc)

track listing: We Women/ Loneliest Person/ Idiots With Guitars (live)

Marizane / “Stage One” / DE 12014 (compact disc)

track listing: Of The Alien Christ / The Devil’s Address / Preternatural Baby / The Libertine / Sad Foolish Robot


Debut release features 3 tracks produced by Tony Visconti (David Bowie, T. Rex, Moody Blues) and guest appearances by members of the Wondermints.

Kristi Callan / “Feed The Kitty” / DE 12013 (compact disc)

track listing: The Way He Was Today / I Wish I / Bud / Andmoreagain / Someday


Debut solo release from former singer of highly regarded girl group Wednesday 

Week features her version of Arthur Lee and Love’s “Andmoreagain”.

Andrew / “Happily Ever After” / DE 12012 (compact disc)

track listing: Till I Met You / Make It Up To You / Magic Harpsichord / The Stay At Home Scene / I’m Gonna Say Goodbye…


Extended play companion release to Andrew’s full-length album “Happy To Be Here” (Bus Stop) features Ric Menck of Velvet Crush on drums.

The Jigsaw Seen / “Songs Mama Used To Sing” / DL 12011 (compact disc)

track listing: Little Know Ye Who’s Coming / Tattoo / Baby Elephant Walk / Still I’m Sad / Melody Fair / On A Carousel / Desiree / Luci Baines / 30 Century Man / This Is Where I Belong


Features interpretations of songs made famous by the Who, Henry Mancini, the Yardbirds, the Bee Gees, the Hollies, the Left Banke, Arthur Lee, Scott Walker and the Kinks. “Cool and eclectic set”, Q magazine

The Jigsaw Seen / “Perfformiad I Mewn Cymru” / DE 12010 (compact disc)

track listing: Fiddlesticks / Letter To The Editor / Your Mind Is Like Mine / 

I’m With You / Loneliest Person / My Name Is Tom


Limited edition acoustic EP recorded live in Wales on their 2001 UK tour.

Andrew / “A Beautiful Story” / DL 12009 (compact disc)

track listing: Title Song / Unrequited Life / Carousel / Wondering / Dream About You / Here, Hear / What I Need / What Do You See In Me? / Forget You Girl / The End Of The Road / Can’t Go On This Way / Goodbye Today / Please Remember Me / 

The Man Who would Be King


Andrew’s critically acclaimed debut album, released in 2000. “If you listened with a blindfold on, you might be convinced this was an unreleased follow-up to “Pet Sounds”, Alternative Press

The Jigsaw Seen / “Zenith” / DL 12008 (compact disc)

track listing: Letter To The Editor / I’m With You / Celebrity Interview / When You’re Pretty / Tight Lips / Fiddlesticks / Girl On A Red Velvet Swing / Whore Kiss / 

Persephone Again / If My Eyes Offend You / Big Hand


Grammy nominated, critically acclaimed 2000 release.  “An exquisitely produced pop masterpiece”, Album Network. “Gloriously arranged and sumptuously produced”, London Evening Standard

Various Artists / “Listen and Learn with Vibro-phonic” / DL 12007 (compact disc)

track listing: Traces Of Ether (Non Credo) / Perfect World (the Last) / 

Another Predictable Song (the Jigsaw Seen) / Moonage Daydream (Ann Magnuson) / Massachusetts (Insect Surfers) / Rejected Beer Ad #1 (Wondermints) / 

Keep It A Secret (Tube Top) / Suicide Samba (the Jupiter Affect) / 

Green Circles (Kristian Hoffman) / L.S.E.3 (United States Of Existence) / 

Just My Size (Wednesday Week) / Halloweenish (Drool Bros.) / Dream About You (Andrew) / The Water Song (Skooshny) / Traces Of Ether (Reprise) (Non Credo) 

Critically acclaimed compilation featuring rarities, B-sides and previously unreleased tracks.

The Jigsaw Seen / “Celebrity Interview” / VS 2005 (7” single)


Features alternate single mix of “Celebrity Interview” and non-album B-side “Another Predictable Song”.

Wednesday Week / “The Senses Of Our World” / VS 2004 (7” single)


“The Senses Of Our World” was originally performed by the Bugaloos on their 70’s Saturday morning TV show. B-side is non-album track “Just My Size”.

The Jigsaw Seen / “Whore Kiss” / VS 2003 (7” single)  


Features alternate vocal mix of “Whore Kiss”. B-side is “Zenith” album track “Persephone Again”.

Andrew / “Dream About You” / VS 2002 (7” single)  


Andrew’s debut release features Jon Brion on harmonium, Probyn Gregory on french horn and Kristian Hoffman on harpsichord. Backed with “What Do You See In Me?”

The Jigsaw Seen / “Letter To The Editor” / VS 2001 (7” single)  

Features edit of “Letter To The Editor” backed with an alternate single mix of “When You’re Pretty”


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