01. Even My Eyes

02. Flawed

03. Beautiful Bruise

04. Sad Summer Spring

05. Holy Land

06. Private Jokes

07. No Life Story

08. Science Changes Everyone

09. Masking The Moon

10. The Water Song

11. I See You Now

12. Ceiling To The Lies

13. Angel With A Devil’s Heart

14. Lullabye

15. Dessert For Two

16. It Hides More Than It Tells

17. I Never Change My Mind

18. You Paint My World

19. Crossing Double Lines

20. Clickin’ My Fingers



Pain, heartache and loss never sounded so gorgeous!”

  - MOJO  


Vibro-phonic recordings is pleased to announce the release of Zoloto, the best of Skooshny, a  20 track career retrospective featuring 4 new songs.


This modest band, with its equally modest official recorded output (3 albums on London based Minus Zero Records), has consistently produced music of rare quality: spectral harmonies, labyrinthine song structures, and playful, literate lyrics that transcend the low-budget productions to which they were constrained to resort.


Critics have likened Skooshny to the Byrds, REM, Love, the Kinks, Green Pajamas, and the Left Banke, pretty much what you'd expect from an L.A. band emphasizing melodic structures, harmonies and multi-layered instrumentation.


For years a devoted coterie of fans, collectors, and writers has revered Skooshny. With Zoloto, the opportunity is here to discover a fine, potentially brilliant band lost in limbo.





$11.99 (plus shipping and handling)    buy


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